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Millbrook Primary School

‘Learning about caring; caring about learning’

Millbrook children writing Stories for children in Bhopal, India

Our One Worlders have been busy making a difference to the lives of children in Bhopal, India. 

Inspired by American author, Ginger Heller, the children learned that:

 "over 7,000 miles away in Bhopal, India, children are still being born deformed and with many health issues due to the world’s most deadly industrial tragedy. In 1984, the chemical gas explosion killed 3,000 people in one night and 10,000 in one week. Currently, Bhopal children are exposed to contaminated water and soil. Despite everything, the charismatic spirit of these youngsters shines through." 

Millbrook students recognise the importance of kindness - one of our core character values. By writing happy stories they aim to spread happiness and kindness to the children of Bhopal.