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Millbrook Primary School

‘Learning about caring; caring about learning’

Bettws Early Learning Community

We are proud to be a partner of

Bettws Early Learning Community!


Bettws Early Learning Community in Newport, South Wales brings together local organisations to make sure that children in Bettws are getting the support they need to thrive, learn and grow up in a place they can be proud of.


Our partnership includes everyone involved in bringing up children today. This includes families, communities, the local council, Flying Start, housing associations, schools and teachers, health visitors and GPs, and local voluntary and community groups.

Our aim is to help everyone work together so services and activities are the best they can be for children’s needs and to ensure that every child can achieve their potential. This is a collaborative project to shape and design this approach and an exciting new way of working. This is why, alongside the projects and activities that are happening, we are also evaluating what we do. We want to learn what works and what could be improved. We want to understand what impact it’s having on children now and what difference it will make for them in their futures.