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Millbrook Primary School

‘Learning about caring; caring about learning’

School Grant Plans

We utilise a variety of grants to fund improvements in learning and well-being across the school. These grants are awarded to schools across Wales by Welsh Government.

The grants awarded include:

EIG = Education Improvement Grant = £118,755

EYPDG = Early Years Pupil Development Grant = £34,500

PDG = Pupil Development Grant = £64,400



Our current grant spending plans include expenditure on the following:

  • Release staff to provide home visits and early family learning sessions for nursery children
  • Release staff to provide bespoke well-being and nurture support across the school
  • Release staff to provide bespoke literacy and numeracy intervention across the school
  • To provide training and support for staff to deliver specific learning difficulty support and intervention
  • To ensure that our early years classes have high levels of adult support



 In addition we have received additional PDG monies and an accelerated learning grant to support the recovery of learning following the pandemic. The following monies have been received:

  • PDG growth = £10,069
  • ALP grant = £10,435


These grant plans include expenditure on the following:

  • recruitment of additional support staff through agency to provide literacy and numeracy intervention
  • recruitment of an additional teacher to enable us to have smaller pupil to teacher ratios and to target literacy, numeracy and wellbeing support