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Millbrook Primary School

‘Learning about caring; caring about learning’

School Grant Plans

We utilise a variety of grants to fund improvements in learning and well-being across the school. These grants are awarded to schools across Wales by Welsh Government.

The grants awarded include:

EIG = Education Improvement Grant = £99,797

EYPDG = Early Years Pupil Development Grant = £9,800

PDG = Pupil Development Grant = £66,980


Our current grant spending plans include expenditure on the following:

  • Release staff to provide home visits and early family learning sessions for nursery children
  • Release staff to provide bespoke well-being and nurture support across the school
  • Release staff to provide bespoke literacy and numeracy intervention across the school
  • To provide training and support for staff to deliver specific learning difficulty support and intervention
  • To ensure that our early years classes have high levels of adult support