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Millbrook Primary School

‘Learning about caring; caring about learning’

Elm – Year 3 / Year 4

              Please scroll down after the Autumn Overview for today’s update. 

                    Croeso Nol! - Welcome Back!


It has been so lovely to welcome the children back to class.

Miss Satchell and myself have enjoyed seeing everyone- arriving with smiles and ready for learning.  👍😀


Just a note to say that Elm Class will be having Games every Thursday morning. In order for the children to be able to have appropriate clothes- we are advising that the children wear their PE kit to school and wear it throughout the day. Please could they have footwear which allows them to run around safely. As the weather gets colder, the children could wear tracksuit bottoms as we will be going outside to do this activity.


Thank you- Diolch for your co-operation in this matter.





                               Autumn Term 2020

It has been a busy start to the term. Introducing new routines and timetables for play and lunchtimes, and getting to know each other with the new rules in place. 

Please find attached below a copy of the outline of work to be covered in class over the Autumn Term. 

If you have any ideas of different traditions or are able to help us with learning key words from different languages please do not hesitate to contact me.

My e-mail address is 


Any information that you would like me to know or if you have any questions please use this as it will get to me directly.


As you are aware the children will be having PE on a Thursday morning- please be sure to send the children into school wearing their PE kit and with appropriate footwear for running around.


We also have a fortnightly slot for using the Forest School. This is a Monday Morning. The first session will be on 5th October( then every 2 weeks). For this session could the children either bring wellington boots or an old pair of shoes to change into. Also a coat in case it rains. 

Autumn Term Overview - Elm Class

                              Dydd Mawrth Medi 22- Tuesday 22nd September 

Bore da pawb smiley

Hope you are all still keeping well. 

Parents- there is a link below this to Oxford Reading Library. If you follow the link and sign up- it is free- you will be able to access quite a variety of books and resources to support you at this time. 

I have signed up and there are different books at different levels for the children to choose from. 

I hope you find this a useful resource. 


I have put a sheet with a variety of different activities the children can choose from to do. If they choose one from each column each day- they can repeat some of them if they have a favourite. The links for the story, exercise and Yoga you will find below.

All work to be completed in the books they brought home.


Hope you have a good time choosing and taking part.

My email is if you have any questions.


Take Care and Stay Safe yessmiley


Health and Wellbeing

Talking and Listening





Choose one of these:

  • Take part in a Joe Wicks Workout on You Tube


  • Take part In Cosmic Yoga


  • Take a walk around your garden for 15 minutes


  • See how many different ways you can move around your house not just walking.


Choose one of these:

  • Listen to the story of the week on You Tube


  • Play Minecraft (or similar) with a friend


  • Talk to Millbrook Teddy telling them all about your time at home


  • Phone a friend or speak to a member of your family to see how they are and have a conversation

Choose one of these:

  • Complete some work on Mathletics


  • Learn your x2 and x3 tables using Mathletics or using your list


  • Count in 2s, 5s, 10s to 100


  • How many sums using +, -, x and ÷ can you make having an answer of 20- you could write these in your book

Choose one of these:

  • Read a book independently


  • Read a book to someone or Millbrook Teddy


  • Read instructions or a recipe out loud


  • Find a non-fiction book and read it independently

Choose one of these:

  • Make a list in your book of things to do before going back to school on October 1st


  • Keep a simple diary- remember to use a capital letter at the beginning of a sentence and a full stop at the end.


  • Write a list of words describing how you are feeling- add to it every day

Choose one of these:

  • Build something of your choice using recycled materials


  • Complete your self-portrait- try and do a portrait of another person in your house


  • Make your own lunch – take care and remember to tidy up after yourself


  • Write about your lunch explaining how you made it.

Questions on My Family Traditions

                          Dydd Gwener Medi 18- Friday 18th September

Bore da pawb! smiley

I hope you have enjoyed trying to complete the portraits.

Some maths tasks have been set on Mathletics and on the links there are a few writing tasks for you to complete in your books.

Have a good day everyone- wink

                   Thursday 17th September


Hello everyone, sut wyt ti?

Hope you are all well.

Here are a few activities for you to do until Monday

  • log onto Mathletics and complete work on Place Value.( if you do not know your log in please email me-
  • complete your portrait. You can use the Powerpoint below to help you with this
  • write a detailed description of your self in your book- include information on what you look like- hair, eyes and other aspects of   you that make you you. Also write about your clothes and any relevant information that you would like to include in your description.
  • see if you are able to do a portrait of Miss Satchell or Mrs Lloyd using the pictures that are on this page to help you remember.


I will post some more things for you to do for next week- so don't forget to look. 

Take care everyone- and stay safe! smiley

                                   Dydd Llun Medi 21- Monday 21st September   smileyyes

 Bore da, hope you are all keeping well. 


You may continue with your self- portraits. 

Mathletics has quite a few different sections ready for you to complete- i wonder who will get a Certificate. I'll be looking to see and posting the certificates here on the web page. wink


Today if you could watch the film on the link below and then answer the questions in your book. I have put the questions on the word document- no need to print off- just write the answers in your Homework Book. 

You are able to talk about some traditions you have in your family at birthday time and some foods that you love to share with your family. 


Take care all and stay safe! 

My email is