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Millbrook Primary School

‘Learning about caring; caring about learning’


The Governing Body of Millbrook Primary School


Our Governing Body is committed to supporting and challenging our school to be the best that it can be and to deliver its mission to help the whole community to "Learn about caring and to care about learning." 


Head teacher - Ms Keri Smith

Chair of Governing Body - Mr Owen Williams (community Governor) 

Vice Chair of Governing Body - Mr Jason Jordan (LA Governor) 


Community Governors

Ms Jen Daffin

Mr. Graham Maher 

Mr. Owen Williams


LEA Governors

Mrs. Leah Stannard

Cllr Jason Jordan

Mrs Karyn Keane


Staff Governors

Miss P Bennett (Teaching Staff)

Miss R Jones (Support Staff)

Ms K Smith (Head teacher)


Parent Governors

Mr L Rouse

Mrs S Hodge

Mrs S Yemm

vacancu - due to be appointed Jan 2021


Non-voting co-opted governors 

Mrs E Payne (Deputy head)



                       Governors’ Responsibilities

Governors, in conjunction with the Headteacher, are responsible for the general conduct of the school, including the curriculum, discipline and staff appointments.  Since 1st April 1990, responsibility for the whole of the school's financial affairs has been delegated to the Governing Body.  Governors are also responsible for preparing an annual written report to parents and for holding an annual meeting with the parents to discuss this report and other matters concerning the school.   Governors serve for a term of four years.



Our governors are a key part of our learning organisation and are constantly learning, asking questions and researching to help our school to continue to strive for improvement. 

Governing Body Annual Report to parents