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Millbrook Primary School

‘Learning about caring; caring about learning’

Sycamore – Year 5

Summer Term 2


Monday - Rugby sessions are every 2 weeks 

                The next one is Mon 7th June and then Mon 21st June. The last session is on Mon 5th July.


Tuesday - Forest school every 2 weeks

                 15th June,  29th June,


Friday 12th March 2021

Hello Sycamore class, parents, carers...

The day is finally here!

Yes, this Monday, we can finally say hello to all the children in person instead of through a screen! We can't wait!

We are back, full time, in school uniform please, this Monday, 15th March. Could parents and carers also remind the children to remember things like water bottles and snacks (It has been a while after all!).

We will be spending much of the next two weeks settling the children back into school and learning, helping to ease any worries or fears and generally allowing them to enjoy spending time with classmates again. We will be ensuring that their transition back into school is a smooth and happy experience. 

See you all on Monday!

4th March 2021

Hello Sycamore children and parents and carers...and everyone helping out in the lockdown!

Just to say what a wonderful job you have all been doing so far this term. The work that has been coming in during the home learning is a joy to see and we are all loving our twice weekly meet ups where we all get to chat together.

Hopefully, we only have one more week at home and then we can look forward to being together in school again at last - we can't wait to see you all again!

Fingers crossed!

Bore Da Sycamore Class - Happy World Book Day!

Click the link for ideas!

Bore da Sycamore!

We hope you are all well and keeping safe. We wanted to say a huge thank you to you all and your parents for the amazing work you are completing at home. We know it's tricky and not the same as being in school so WELL DONE!

If you are completing anything on paper or in activity books you have bought, please feel free to email us and let us know how you're getting on, attaching pictures of your work if you wish.

Below we have added some activity ideas that don't involve a screen as I know we are on them a lot lately.

Don't forget to look after your own well-being and try to get some fresh air regularly and do something you like each day (whether that's drawing, reading, kicking a football, listening to music etc).

As always, we are here if we can help or support you in any way. Please use the email addresses mentioned in previous posts below to contact us.

We miss you Sycamore and can't wait to see you all again in person heart

Hello, bore da!

Happy New Year to one and all!smiley


It's lovely to be here at Millbrook. Having worked in this happy school many times over the last year, I was excited to be invited back for a longer time and I can't wait to get started. Looking forward to working with the children again and meeting parents, even if its only on line for a while! 

We will be posting work for the children every day which can be found on Google Classroom. Work can be recorded either on line or in the green exercise book. 

Kind regards,

Sean Lawrence


Any comments or questions, please contact us at;

Welcome, Mr Lawrence

Bore da/ Good morning!


Well, the last day is finally here! We're excited to start the Christmas holidays but also sad that today is Mr Manship's last day at Millbrook Primary. The class sang a special song for him, which we've uploaded to Google Classroom. If you can't access their classroom through HWB, please send me an email at

We're excited to welcome Mr Lawrence, who is going to be joining our team in January. He's enjoyed spending some time with the children over the last couple of days and having some Christmas fun.


For Thursday (17th) and Friday (18th) we are all learning from home. Below is our Blended Learning Menu #4 which has some activity suggestions for you. Also, there is a Christmas activity pack that you can access. There are plenty of Christmas tasks on Google Classroom that they will enjoy exploring too. Any home learning can be recorded via Google Classroom or the children's green exercise books that you have at home.


All that's left for us to say now is Nadolig Llawen a blwyddyn newydd dda!


We look forward to seeing you all in the New Year on Tuesday 5th January 2021.


Be safe and have a magical Christmas!


From everyone in Sycamore class heart

Kind 'count down to Christmas' acts

Blended learning menu #4

Blended learning menu #3

Bore da,

We hope you all had a good half term break despite the firebreak lockdown.

We want to say thank you to all the parents we spoke to last week during our parents evening consultations. It was strange doing it via telephone but so lovely to speak to you all and talk about our fabulous class.

As mentioned last week, if you need to get in touch, for any reason, please send us an email. 


One change to mention for this half term...


Forest school sessions  will be held on Tuesday 17th Nov, 1st and 15th Dec.

Please could the children bring in wellies and coats, as we will be outdoors for these sessions.


Final note, please could the children bring in a small pebble/rock this week (about the size of their hand and with a flat, smooth surface) for painting.


Thank you,

Mrs George and Mr Manship

Blended Learning Menu #2

Bore da bawb, good morning everyone!

We can't believe it's half term next week! It has flown by and we have loved being back in the classroom with the children.


As you will have heard in the school newsletter, every 2 weeks a new Blended Learning Menu for Sycamore Class will be put up on this webpage. On the menu there are ideas for things you can do at home with your child, which will enhance the work being covered in class. 

It will also be put up on Google Classroom. The work can be completed in their green workbooks that were sent home or on Google Classroom in slides/docs. 


If you have any problems accessing Google Classroom or you have questions about the work, please don't hesitate to email us at or


Important notice

We have My School, My Planet outdoor sessions on Tuesday AND Wednesday for the weeks commencing 12th October AND 19th October. Please can the children have appropriate footwear and coats with hoods for these days, we will be outside on the grass and mud for these sessions. Thank you


Our Autumn topic

This Autumn term we are doing a project called 'My Island'. The children are creating their own imaginary island and community. We have come up with island names, landscapes, flags, island rules and possible animals that might live there. We have so many ideas to explore!

Important information


Tuesday My Planet, My School outdoor project - please bring wellies and coats
Friday PE - please wear kit to school


Welcome back from Mr Manship, Mrs George and Mr Maher

Welcome Sycamore class!

We're so pleased to be back in the classroom, all together again. It has been so lovely to see all your smiling faces each morning smiley.


We're very excited to be taking part in the project My School, My Planet with Craig Armiger. 

Our theme is soils, growing and cooking outdoors. By the end of the project the class will have got close to nature, discovered more about the importance of soils, particularly in relation to growing, as well as what can be done in school grounds to address this. They will have created something new to for their grounds that relates to this topic and will have planned to continue work in this area.

With this in mind, please can the children bring in wellies or old shoes, along with their coats, each Monday? These can either stay in school for the half term or be taken home each Wednesday after our sessions.


Should you need to get in touch with us, our email addresses are and .