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Millbrook Primary School

‘Learning about caring; caring about learning’

Acorns – Nursery

We stretched out a length of beads it reminded the children of a skipping rope. We practised our skipping and jumping skills over the beads as they were raised higher and higher. .

Our new foot path is under construction.

* Brought into Nursery a snake. We searched for objects that were the same length or longer.

Diwali celebrations.

Challenge 4, crawling.

Challenge 3, jumping.

Challenge 2, balancing.

Challenge 1, rolling.

For Children in Need 2020 we completed the act your age challenge.

*Brought into Nursery some recycling. We recognised the writing on the labels which when we read them told us what each item was.

* Brought a piece of string into Nursery. We estimated how many of the poppies we had made, it would take to fill the length of the string.

The children and staff of Acorn Nursery are taking part in the BBC 

Children in Need, Act your age challenge.


We shall be taking on 4 physical Forest School challenges, which includes:

Jumping, rolling, balancing and crawling. 


 Millbrook Primary is fundraising for BBC Children in Need, check out their

                                    @JustGiving and please donate if you can. 


                                     Thank you. 



"I've got a map, it can show us the way to Forest School."

Sparkler fun at Forest School.

Firework fun at forest school.

* Found a pumpkin seed on the grass, she told us what we had to do to make it grow.

* Showed his poppy picture to his friends, he then photocopied it so everyone had one to colour.

We recreated the sounds and movements of fireworks. We talk about how to keep safe on bonfire night. "Don't touch them its dangerous." "No pets outside coz they be burnt and scared." "Mummies and daddies light fireworks coz their hot.." "Just a little bit close coz they will burn you." "Put them in the water."

Remember to use quiet voices when arriving and leaving Nursery. There are squirrels searching for food.







Dear children

Should you have the opportunity to go for an Autumn walk with your families we would be very interested to hear about what you discover.

Maybe you could bring your discovery into Nursery, draw or take a picture.

We would also be grateful for more conkers and pine cones for our play areas.

Have a wonderful break everybody and we shall see you very soon.


Miss Jones, Miss Tovey 

We went exploring and found "A cave. LOOK, LOOK A BIG BIG CAVE. Its dark."

Ring a ring a roses. A pocket full of posies. A-tishoo, a-tishoo. The leaves fall down.

Red and yellow and pink and green, orange and purple and blue. We have made a rainbow. Can you make one to.


To encourage our talking about and recognition of patterns in our environment we would like to have a spotty and/ or striped dressing up day.


Please help us to search for clothing suitable or maybe even add some patterns to something old. 


Ours dressing up day will take place on

Thursday 8th October 2020. 





We found a Mole. In a hole. At Forest School. He said to have a look at my favourite book and we found some of the best puddles in the school grounds.

Our first adventure at Forest School.

To promote world car free day this week the children have decided to walk to Forest School on Friday and investigate the school grounds along the way. Should you go for a walk this weekend and discover something interesting please bring it along to Nursery to share.

Have you made or discovered something you would like to share at Nursery. 

Explained how her mum made sock pumpkins. We practiced our throwing and catching skills with them.

Went on holiday and brought in shells for us to investigate.

Welcome to Acorn Nursery.


Miss Jones and Miss Tovey have really enjoyed reading all about you in your home/school booklets. The pictures you have drawn of yourselves and the favourite things you enjoy were amazing.


Can you find yourself in the photographs below these were taken on your very first day in Nursery.


My email if you wish to contact me is :-


We shall be starting our Forest School adventures on Friday 25th September. If you would like to wear your own wellies please have your name written inside. 



Have you made or discovered something you would like to share at Nursery?