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Millbrook Primary School

‘Learning about caring; caring about learning’

Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!


"Learning about caring; caring about learning."

Foundation Phase and early years teaching staff

Nursery Acorn Class - Mrs R Jones


Reception Oak Class - Mrs J Lewis


Reception Beech class - Ms R Walters


Year 1 Palm Class - Mrs J Ardle 


Year 1/2 Willow Class - Mrs J Caddy 


Year 2 Chestnut Class - Mrs L Beese 


Key Stage 2/Junior teaching staff 

Year 3 Silver Birch - Ms P Bennett


Year 3/4 Elm Class - Mrs S LLoyd 


Year 4 Cedar Class - Mrs H Pike 


Year 5/6 Sycamore Class - Mrs S George and Mr Manship (Mr Lawrence from January 2021)


Year 6 Maple Class - Mr L Watkins 


Support staff

Ms J Tovey

Ms C Dudley

Ms L Aurelius

Mrs A Sims

Mrs K Pearce

Mrs N Cashman

Mrs L Smith 

Ms D Stanton

Mrs A Russell

Mrs D Havard

Mr G Maher

Mrs J Passmore

Mrs K Harris 


Office Staff/Admin

Mrs S Scott

Mrs J Archer 



Mr M Kerr 


Midday Supervisors

Mrs K Reily

Mrs C Holder

Mrs M 

Mrs S Lyttle 



Leadership Team

Mrs L Watkins - Head teacher 

Mrs E Payne - Deputy head teacher 

Mrs J Ardle - Assistant head teacher and Foundation phase lead 

Mrs S LLoyd - Additional Needs and Inclusion and well-being coordinator 



Our whole team are part of Millbrook Primary learning organisation. Everyone is constantly learning and improving themselves.