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Millbrook Primary School

‘Learning about caring; caring about learning’

Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!


"Learning about caring; caring about learning."

Phase One

Nursery Acorn Class - Miss Rachel Jones


Reception Oak Class - Mrs Emma Williams


Year 1 Beech Class - Miss Phillippa Bennett (Phase 1 Lead and ALNCo)


Phase Two

Year 2 Willow Class - Mrs Jill Lewis


Year 2/3 Chestnut Class - Mrs Sian George (Phase 2 Lead)


Year 3 Silver Birch - Mrs Heather Pike


Phase Three

Year 4 Elm Class - Miss Abby Withers


Year 4/5 Cedar Class - Mrs Hannah Walsh (Phase 3 Lead)


Year 5/6 Sycamore Class - Mr Lewis Watkins


Year 6 Hazel Class - Mrs Bethan Sharpe


Support staff

Mrs Joy Passmore

Mrs Michelle Little

Mrs Karen Hillier

Miss Tahmin Nahir

Miss Jade Tovey

Miss Adele Lloyd

Miss Natasha Cashman

Miss Jess Hamer

Mrs Lesaine Smith 

Mrs Jessica Thomas

Mrs Kate Rodriguez

Mrs Kerrie Cramp

Miss Dani Stanton


Miss Leanne Vincent


Miss Karen Harris 


Office Staff/Admin

Mrs Sue Scott

Mrs Jan Archer 





Midday Supervisors

Mrs K Reilly

Mrs C Holder

Mrs S Lyttle 



Leadership Team

Miss Keri Smith - Head teacher 

Mrs Emma Payne - Deputy Head teacher (Well-being Lead)

Miss Phillipa Bennett - Additional Learning Needs Coordinator (ALNCo) and Phase 1 Lead

Mrs Sian George - Maths Lead and Phase 2 Lead

Mrs Hannah Walsh - Literacy Lead and Phase 3 Lead


Our whole team are part of Millbrook Primary learning organisation. Everyone is constantly learning and improving themselves.