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Millbrook Primary School

‘Learning about caring; caring about learning’

Chestnut – Year 2

Welcome to Chestnut Class!

Croeso i Ddosbarth Chestnut!

Monday 13th July 

Hello everyone!

It is quite an emotional week saying goodbye to our children, but we hope you have enjoyed coming back to school in our "bubbles."  We would also like to say a huge "GOODBYE!" to the children who have not been able to come back, but we will see you in September! heart

Keep looking at the foundation phase twitter, as we are posting lovely photos of our time down forest school this week!

If you are at home perhaps you could go out looking for twigs, leaves etc and make a picture from them, just like we will be doing this week!

Here is an owl that was created by Amanda this morning!



Take care, stay safe and have a lovely summer! laughheart🌈

Monday 6th July

Bore da everyone,

Mrs Greasley and I would like to thank you for a fantastic week! It was so lovely to see so many of you through the week. laugh heart You were all so sensible and listened and followed instructions to keep safe. 🌈

This week while you are at home, find some straws, little twigs etc and make 2D shapes with them - just like we are doing in school. smiley 🌈

Think of words that make you feel happy - smiley, calm, safe, fun etc. We will be doing this in school to add to our pictures.

Keep going on your Mathletics - who will be a superstar this week?

Have fun! laughheart

Monday 29th June


Hi everyone!

It was fantastic to have some children back in this morning, we have missed you so much and we are looking forward to the rest of the week! laugh heart




The children enjoyed using their new learning packs and have begun their journals!


I would like you to watch the You Tube story - While we can't hug,by Eion McLaughlin. I have set a 2Do on Purple Mash for you - My friend and I. Go to Tools - Abc 2publish (green pen) - I have found out. Draw a picture of you and a friend and write underneath what ways you can show you care for each other.


Super effort, Holly, Ted and Oliver, for your  Purple Mash work this week! laugh

Mathletics superstar - well done on a bronze certificate this week Holly! smiley

Welcome back from Mrs Beese and Mrs Greasley

Still image for this video

Monday 22nd June

Hi everyone, I was so happy last week when so many of you said you would be returning to school next week! Mrs Greasley and I can't wait to see you all again! laughheart

I will be making phone calls later on in the week - just in case we have more updates for you.

Tomorrow I will be posting a video to you all!

Below is our time table for next week onwards and a photo of what your desk will look like, with the new resources we have bought for you to use! laugh







This week I would like you to think of something you are especially proud of that you have done or made during lockdown. You could bring a photo or draw a picture of it to talk to your classmates about. laugh

We are so excited to be seeing you soon!

Keep on with your Mathletics, who will be a superstar this week? smiley

Fantastic work Holly and Freya, bronze certificates this week! laugh


Below are some more activities for you, if you wish to have a go!


Literacy Year 2 

Maths Year 2 


Monday 15th June

Hi everyone, I hope you had a great week! I will not be contacting you on Monday, but on Thursday, to allow you time to read through letters sent out from Mrs Watkins on the home page.

I really enjoyed looking through the work that you have done. See last week's post for your names! smileylaugh

This week Mrs Watkins has done a very important video on family - take a look on the family page. heart

We are going to follow up on this. I would like you to draw your family and any pets you have. Go to Purple Mash - tools - paint projects - ourselves - my family. This has been set for you, have fun! smiley

Well done everyone who is still working hard at Mathletics - more certificates coming out in the next few weeks, so keep trying! laugh

Ethan thank you for your leaf and butterfly for our tree! laugh

Lovely work so far from Ted, Holly, Freya and Bobby - loving your family pictures! heart

Mathletics superstar - Holly and Freya amazing work this week bronze and silver certificates and bronze certificate for Bobby! laugh


Below is some other work you can have a look at!


Year 2 Literacy 


Year 2 Maths 



Monday 8th June

Hello everyone, I hope you had a good week and I look forward to chatting to you again this week! There was some important news given to us last week - that schools are going to open back up. I would like you to listen to Mrs Watkins video on the family page and have a chat to your parents about any worries that you may have.

Some of you may be excited to come back and see some friends again, others may be nervous or anxious, this is ok. Your feelings might change from time to time and this is ok also!smiley 🌈


You may wish to put a picture and some of your thoughts on Purple Mash. You can use this as your jar to put your thoughts in. laugh heart


Go to Tools - 2Publish (green felt pen), scroll down to "He said, She said" and record your feelings here. You can draw a picture of yourself or click on the 4 small pictures at the top of the screen, (clipart). Clipart will give you lots of pictures you can choose from to make a character - become an animal, a character from a fairytale, a pirate etc. Remember to write your feelings in the speech bubble. heart


Lovely work on feelings so far this week from Evie B-B, Bobby, Ted, Freya, Holly, Kourtney and Mikale. xx


Amazing work on Mathletics Holly - all your points together have earned you a gold certificate, you really are a superstar! Great work Bobby and Amanda on your bronze certificates!laugh

Well done to the children who have worked on Mathletics - you should have received your certificates through the post! Bendigedig!!!


Below are some other activities you may wish to have a go at!


Year 2 Literacy 


Year 2 Maths 


Monday 1st June

I hope you all had a lovely half term last week! smiley I will be ringing you all again this week and look forward to finding out what you have done.

Mathletics superstar - well done Ted, Bobby, William, Freya and Amanda, for gaining bronze certificates this week! laugh

You may have seen images of a rocket going up into space this weekend. I would like you to draw your own rocket. Go to Purple Mash - art - 2paint. At the top is an icon of mountains, click on this and scroll down. There are 2 space backgrounds for you to choose from and if you use the pencils instead of paint brushes you can add more details to your picture! Have fun laugh

I love the rockets created by William, Oliver, Freya, Evie B-B, Madison,Santiago, Ted, Bobby and Holly this week, lots of different marking tools were used! heart


Here are some extra activities for you to have a go at!

Year 2 Maths 

Year 2 Literacy 


Monday 25th May

Happy half term week everyone! Have a lovely time and stay safe  smiley x

Monday 18th May

Hi Chestnut Class! I hope you had a good week. I listened to Mrs Watkins message about kindness and I am going to try to do something each day - this may be kind words to someone in my family or a kind gesture etc, draw a heart for yourself each time you do this, how many can you get? smiley


Thursday is Outdoor Learning Day, so this week I would like you to go for a walk if possible and collect some items to make your own miniature garden. I went for a walk on the weekend and collected lots of colourful and different items for my garden. I put these in a plastic container. Yours could look very different from my photo - it could have little stones in it, a pond in a jam jar lid etc. Have fun and be creative! If you can take a photo of it. laugh

If you are unable to go for a walk, then draw a garden on Purple Mash! Go to Art - 2 paint a picture.

Wow, I absolutely love the gardens you have created! Super work Ethan, Ted, Oliver, Bobby and Holly! heart

Mathletics superstars so far this week are - Ethan and William with a bronze certificate and Ted with a silver, fantastic work boys! smiley




Can you be a Mathletics superstar this week???

Below are some extra activities if you wish to have a go!


Year 2 Maths 


Year 2 Literacy 


Monday 11th May

Hello everyone, I hope you all had a lovely VE Day on Friday! smiley


If you have listened to Mrs Watkins' message, you will know that she would like you to draw a leaf and a butterfly with just a positive word or message in them of your thoughts of this time. These can be be photographed and uploaded to face book or twitter, or e mailed or sent to school. 


For our topic work this week, I would like you to think of your favourite sandwich - in France, as here, we eat baguettes. I would like you to create a baguette with some interesting fillings! You can use Purple Mash, the same programme as last week to record your pictures - Art - 2 create a story. I would like you to write instructions for someone to make your baguette. Begin your sentences with a time word and use bossy verbs  ie  Firstly collect all the ingredients needed to make the baguette. Have fun, I look forward to looking at your work!! 

Some fantastic baguettes being created this week! Well done Ted, Freya, Evie B-B, Holly, Kourtney, Bobby and Santiago!  smiley


Mathletics super stars - great work Ted, Evie B-B, Holly, Freya and Jack for bronze certificates so far this week! laugh


Below are some extra activities for you if you wish to have a go!

Year 2 Maths

     *  Y2 Week 6 Day 1.pdf


Year 2 Literacy 



Monday 4th May

Hello everyone! Hope u had a lovely weekend. I have listened to Mrs Watkins talk about VE Day this morning. VE Day is on Friday. Do you know what it means? 


I would like you to find out a little about this with your families and then draw a picture and tell me what you know. Also, how do you think the people felt at this time?

go to purple mash - tools - English - 2 create a story - my story. I look forward to seeing your work!smiley - Great work Ted, Holly, Freya, Ethan, Bobby and Santiago!


Super drawings for Captain Tom Moore from Holly, Oliver, Bobby, Freya, Evie B-B, Ted, Kourtney and Santiago!! smiley smiley


Mathletics superstars - great effort already this week, bronze certificates for Jacob, Holly, Ethan and William! laugh


below are some extra items you can have a go at. Stay safe, have fun!

Year 2 Literacy 

Year 2 Maths 

Happy 100th Birthday Captain Tom Moore!


To celebrate the amazing 100th birthday of Captain Tom Moore, I have set a to do task in purple mash! Make a picture for him, go to  Art - Art tools and Project -  paint a picture. Think what he may like to see on his card - have fun!smiley



Mathletics superstars - well done Amanda, a silver certificate and Evie B and Freya, both of you have a bronze certificate this week! smiley laugh smiley

Monday 27th April - Bonjour Chestnut Class!!!


I hope you all had a lovely weekend. It has been great to catch up again this week with you by phone!

If you want to have a laugh at all the staff, have a look at our water challenges on Millbrook family page!! Well done to Ellie-Mae, Alfie B, Jacob,Oliver and William, for doing their own water challenges! smileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

Also, congratulations William on passing your Tae Kwon Do exam and getting your green tag - awesome effort!! yessmiley


If you scroll down to last week there are some activities on France for you - well done to Bobby, Evie B-B, Holly, Oliver,Ted, Freya, Kourtney and Santiago, tres bien!!


Below are some other activities for you to look at, have fun and stay safe!!


Year 2 Maths 


Year 2 Literacy 


Mathletics superstar - fantastic work Evie B-B, a silver certificate this week and Amanda a bronze certificate, congratulations girls! smileysmiley


Well done to those who are having a go at our topic - remember to name the monuments you use. Top tip if you click on the green arrow underneath the page it will give you more pages and if you click on the green + button on your picture it will give you lovely photos!! Have fun xx

Monday 20th April 

Hi everyone, I hope you have had a lovely Easter and enjoyed the fantastic weather! I have really loved talking to you and your mums and dads, finding out what has been happening! From new babies, new books, new toys and adventures, you have all been busy!! smiley


Keep going on Mathletics - some children are really close to gaining a certificate!!

We are going to begin a new project about France! This is the flag. Can you draw, paint or make your own collage of it?

Can you find out what the capital city of France is called?

Research some facts about this city - what famous buildings/places are there? You may have been there yourself!! Ask your parents, use books and the internet! You can record your findings in purple mash. Go to Home - topics - countries + places - leaflets - Paris!


There are clip art pictures and photos you can use to help you. Have fun!

Mathletics superstars update 

Super work Alfie B and for getting a bronze certificate this week! smiley

Bendigedig Holly, another bronze certificate as well!

Hi everyone, we are missing you so much!

If we were in school we would be finishing off our Easter cards. So I have set a task decorating an egg on purple mash for you.

Go to tools - scroll down to Art and Design - paint projects - scroll to celebrations - Easter egg. What designs can you create? smiley

Holly, Evie B, Evie B-B and Kourtney, your easter egg designs are really colourful and cheery - bendigedig girls! 

So happy you had a go at this activity Oliver - I loved your egg!

Pasg Hapus, Happy Easter everyone!

Mathletics superstars update

Well done Evie B and Evie B-B, for earning a bronze certificate so far this week!laugh

Remember keep trying everyone!!!



Holly and Evie B-B - loved looking at your beach work on purple mash!smiley​​​​​​smiley

Monday 30th March


Hi!  I hope you have all had a good weekend.

I have loved seeing people's photos on facebook of the sea it has really cheered me up!laugh


So this week I am asking you to draw a picture of the beach and write why you like to go there - use "because" I want to know your reasons why you like it there, what can you hear, see, feel, smell etc.

Do this on purple mash - 2simple - tools - Abc 2 publish (green pen) - I have found out. This task is set until Friday. Remember that you can use the clipart icon at the top of the page to click and drag items into your picture. Have fun doing this!


Also remember that tasks have been assigned in mathletics! smiley


Mathletics Super Stars -

Gold certificate this week - Holly

Bronze certificates - Evie B-B, Freya

fantastic work girls!!!smiley  I can also see others are working really hard, keep going!

Tuesday 24th March



I hope you are all ok.


There are lots of movement and exercise videos on you tube at the moment - have a go, I will be doing it as well!!! smiley


I have put some work on Mathletics for you. Most of them are quickfire questions that you should be able to do. For some questions you may need to draw number lines to help you or use your fingers to count in 5's and 10's.


I would like you to choose a favourite book and write a book review:

Title of the book

Author/illustrator's name

Write who is your favourite character/creature and say why

What is your favourite part of the book and say why?

Do you think other children would like this book?

Draw a picture about the book to make a front cover!smiley






Our topic this term is "Let's grow!" we were intending to visit a garden centre to buy plants, soil and pots etc to take to a local residential home to add to their environment. Unfortunately, this will now be postponed until further notice. 

We have loved learning about how things grow and developing our 4 purposes. 



PE days - Tuesday and Friday


Home Learning


- bonds to 10 and 100 revision and doubling and halving revision - have a go at the questions below: - remember your doubling and halving diamonds!

double 34

half of 86

I had 100 marbles, I lost 30, how many are left?

Tom had 40 sweets, how many more does he need to make 100?


- write a daily diary of what you see, feel, hear and do whilst you are at home. Remember to add "wow" words  - adjectives and words instead of said.


- design your own garden aimed at cheering people in the community up. Think about what flowers you would grow and why. You can draw a labelled plan or make a collage. You can also produce this on the computer if you choose to. 


- please make sure that you take a photo of the usernames and passwords sent home for Mathletics and Purple Mash in case these get lost. Use these activities to further improve your learning. 








Class Overview of our learning for parents