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Millbrook Primary School

‘Learning about caring; caring about learning’

Palm – Year 1

Welcome back Palm Class 


A strange but very sunny half term.I hope you are all happy and are still enjoying time with your families.

Remember your well being is the most important thing so join in with the activities if you can or make up your own if that suits you better or even just go for a walk and talk to each other. Stay safe always x

Lets do a bit more finding out about America this week. The Americans play football but it is not the same as our game of football.

Can you find out how it is different?

You can ask a grown up to show you a video of the game and then ask them to play a game of American football in the garden with you.

The LOGO's for the teams are really cool..Have a look at the poster below. Which is your favourite one? Can you draw it or make up one of your own.



Happy Monday everyone smiley

I hope to speak to some of you again this week just to say Hello. The weather looks good for this week which will be good for the activities I am suggesting you could join in with. 


Take a look at Mrs Watkins video for this week. The theme is kindness. What can you do to be kind this week? You may tidy your toys away or use kind words. We will be sharing our kindness acts on Twitter this week. Have a go at uploading something kind you have done.


On Thursday its outdoor learning day and I would like you to try and get outdoors. Have a look in your garden or go for a walk. Notice the flowers, birds, trees and the sky. Collect some leaves, twigs , grass and flowers and make a picture on the floor for someone else to find. Take some of these natural things to your house and use them to make a picture to share with others in the family room page on Facebook. I would love to see what you make.


We will return to our theme of America next week.Lets enjoy being kind ans getting outdoors .

Morning Everyone smiley

I have lots to tell you today. I hope you are staying safe and well. I will be making my phone calls again this week . It is so lovely to talk to you and your grown ups.


Rev Becca has put an assembly in the children section on this web site. Take a look  by clicking the link.


Mrs Watkins has set a whole school challenge again. We are going to create a display in the school dinner hall. Take a look at her video on here too. You can find the video on the home page noticeboard section .There is an activity which you can do to help us. 


I have added a picture for you to find out about. Have a talk with a grown up and use what you can to find out about it. You could send me a picture on Purple mash with a sentence about it.

Clue:  It is in my favourite  place heart


I have added a link to a website where you can read a bit about it and learn how to draw it if you want to have a go.





What can you find out?

What can you find out? 1

Missing you all

Missing you all  1
Missing you all  2

Good afternoon Palm Class.

I cant believe its Monday again !!!

I will give you a call again this week. It is so lovely to speak to you and hear the lovely things you have been doing with your grown ups.

This Friday is VE day. Mrs Watkins has posted a video on the website and on the Facebook page. Have a look and see if you can find out about this special day.


People dress up in red , white and blue and have parties with bunting to celebrate. You could make some bunting for your house to celebrate VE day.

VE bunting

VE bunting 1

Happy Monday Everyone.


It has been so lovely to speak to some of you on the phone. You are all doing so well staying safe. The sunshine has been just beautiful.

This is my email address should any of you need to get in touch with me directly.




Can you make me laugh ?

Good Morning Palm Class and welcome back x

I hope you all had a lovely holiday even if it was a little different. I ate loads of chocolate eggs !!! 

It was lovely to speak to some of you and your parents on the phone . It really means a lot to me that you are all safe and well.


I am going to put some activities  on this page for you to have a go as suggestions. You all being safe and happy is the main priority.

Some parents have told me you are doing your own writing stories  reading your  own books, counting which is fantastic.


We are going to begin a new project this term. Each class has been given a country in the world to explore.


We are going to be explorers of the United states of America. I am pleased as my son is in college there so he can help us.smiley

Have a chat with your grown ups, look on the internet or any books you may have and talk about anything you already know.

This week you could find out what the flag looks like and have a go at creating  one with any materials you may have at home.

I have included some weekly literacy and maths tasks for you to have a go at if you want to practise.

Have Fun !!

Monday 30th March

Morning Palm Class.

I hope you are all well and having a fun time doing some of the activities I have posted. The most important thing is spending time with families and keep smiling. I do miss you all !!


Congratulations to Cole,  Evie,  Brooke and  Lacie who have achieved the Bronze award in Mathletics week . I have assigned tasks to everyone to have a go at practising the skills for year 1. I am logging onto  Mathletics myself to see how you are getting on.

Physical activity is so important so I hope you are all keeping fit.

You might want to have a go at this activity as the grown ups need to take part with you. (Come on Grown ups!!) 

Palm Class took the dinosaurs out onto the field to get up to some mischief.
Have a go at using the photos we took to make up a dinosaur story. You can tell the story to a grown up, write the story down, make a recording of the story or draw pictures. I would love to hear your ideas. You can use twitter to share your work so I can celebrate these with you.

Palm Class and the bucketful of dinosaurs

Palm Class and the bucketful of dinosaurs  1
Palm Class and the bucketful of dinosaurs  2
Palm Class and the bucketful of dinosaurs  3

Keep Smiling Palm Class

Keep Smiling Palm Class 1

A page has been set  on Facebook by the school to support and share information. This is another avenue for you to access if you wish.


Millbrook Family room

 Good Morning everyone


I hope you are all well and embracing this unusual situation.
You all have your mathletics passwords and I will be setting activities regularly for you to consolidate skills.
You can use your Purple Mash log in to play games as well as practise skills.Last half term we looked at collecting data on the 2COUNT programme. You could complete a graph of your families favourite foods or their favourite activities.


Keep smiling always 



Suggested home learning activity

We have been talking about "its good to be me" this term. An idea to support this work is for the children to make a poster about themselves celebrating all that is good about themselves.



Welcome to Palm Class!

Croeso Dosbarth Palm !


Class Teacher; Mrs J Ardle

Support staff Mrs Russell


PE is on a Friday.

We will aim to go to Forest School every other Tuesday and request you provide your child with a pair of wellies to take part in this activity.


This term we are looking to make a difference in our local community. The children have talked about sharing books with others especially those who may not have access to books.


We will be walking to Greggs to have a hot chocolate and drop off some books for others to borrow.


Parent overview