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Millbrook Primary School

‘Learning about caring; caring about learning’

Elm – Year 3 / Year 4

         Week beginning: Gorffennaf 6 2020

Well, what a week! It was great to welcome so many of you back to Millbrook Primary. It was lovely to catch up with your news and see how much you had all grown! I know you all enjoyed meeting your classmates and leaving a message for the children who attended on a different day. We will continue with this so if you have a message don’t forget to write it on the board.


This week I would like you to think about moving on to your new class- in September you will all be moving on to a new class. I would like you to write a letter to your new teacher introducing yourself and explaining about your hobbies and interests and what you would like to improve on. If you could please send it to me and I will put it in a book to give to your new teacher. 

Looking at fractions this week- fractions that are the same size- Equivalent Fractions.

Complete this work on a piece of paper. 


Watch the two videos and make a poster to show the different ways that seeds travel and then grow into new plants. Explain using pictures and words the different methods. 
If you go out for a walk see if you are able to find some seeds , collect them and see if you are able to make a picture using them. Perhaps you will eat some foods with seeds inside them- collect these to use too. Have a seedsational time 😀! 

            Week beginning: Mehefin 29 2020


Shw mae pawb, hope all is well with you. This week we will be moving into Gorffennaf - July. The time when we usually celebrate the year we have had and start to look forward to our summer holidays. 🎡🏖🌞.

This week is different too, because some of you are returning to Millbrook after quite a while being away. Different times- exciting! It would be lovely if we could all send a message to the class- if you would like to send yours in an email to me for those of you who are not returning and I will print it out and put it on the message board in the classroom.
Look forward to welcoming those of you who are returning- you will have grown I’m sure 😀.

Look forward to receiving your messages- I am sure you have got some lovely things to share. 


There are a few different tasks for you to complete this week on Purple Mash and Mathletics as well as the ones I post below. 
1. Pegasus Comprehension. Read the story and answer the questions. There is also a task where you need to write what you learn about the characters in the story. Please write these as a paragraph remembering your punctuation and trying to use a wide variety of description words from the story and ones from your imagination. 

2. There are some maths problems to solve. This maths is algebra and seems a little like puzzles. The first sheet there are sometimes more than one answer. See how many different combinations you can find. The second sheet you need to try and work out how many pencils you would need to continue the pattern until you have 10 squares. (there is a meat he sticks way of working out the answer)

There is a daily sheet you could do too.

There is no need to print off the sheets- just write out the sums on a piece of paper and do it on there. 

3. Continuing with our theme of Greece there is an information sheet for you to look at to show you what it was like to live in the times of Ancient Greece.

Complete a spider diagram picking out all the information that tells you what it was like at that time. Pick on one to write about, and draw pictures of in more detail. 

4. There is a game to play on food chains. 
Also after watching and reading about the way humans affect the environment can you please design a poster to encourage people to look after the environment we live in. You can pick on a specific area or include a few different ideas in your poster. See if you can think of a catchy phrase or title to make people really think and look after the world. 
5. Finally there is some Yoga for you to calm yourself down with! Enjoy! 

All of this is also on Google Classroom for you to be able to share your work with me. 😀
Hope you all have a lovely week and I look forward to looking at your work. 




Shw mae Dosbarth Elm- hope you are all ok smiley- really looking forward to welcoming you back to Millbrook.


Next week's timetable will be a bit different:

9:00- Arrive at school

9:00-10:00- Class Session

10:00-10:30- Outdoor Session

10:30- 10:45- Snack Time 

10:45- 12:45- Class Session 


In class sessions there will be a variety of different activities for you to complete and of course, a chance to renew friendships and catch up. 

Don't forget a bottle of water and a snack!







Welcome back

Still image for this video
How to come into school and how we will be leaving school.

Dosbarth Elm

Still image for this video
Just a peek at the class as you haven’t been in the classroom since March

       Week beginning: Mehefin 22 2020


Another week has passed! I do hope you are all keeping well and not too sad that the sun seems to have disappeared! sad

This week there is an activity for you to think about the lockdown we have been going through - I would like you to collect your thoughts about it and write them down on the sheet provided ( this can be done through Google Classroom as the document is on Google Drive).

Also we will carry on with some money problems so there are some sheets for you to complete.

there is some work to complete on the Ancient Greeks. Look at the PowerPoint and use the sheets to help you with your work. ( It is all explained on Google Classroom) 

There is work on Purple Mash and Mathletics too! 



         Week beginning: Mehefin 15 2020


I hope you are all keeping safe and well. 🌈👍😀. 
This week we are going to use the story we covered last week to develop a newspaper report. If you remember, the story of The Trojan Horse was read last week and this week you can use the story to write a newspaper report. If you prefer you can perform your report and record it.  

As it would have been Money Week this week in school there are a few money problems for you to complete.

Also we are going to research the Ancient Greeks and answer questions:

        Who were the Ancient Greeks? 
     What did the Ancient Greeks do?

        What did the Ancient Greeks do for us and the way we live today? 
There are some video clips for you to gather information and you need to make a mind map of the different facts that you learn about. 

There is work on Purple Mash- coding, spelling and a newspaper report on the Trojan Horse.

Mathletics has work too- so don’t forget to look it up. 
There is another Yoga session to complete. Have fun keeping fit and healthy! 


Mrs Watkins has left a message which can be seen on Millbrook Family Room Facebook Page.


              Week beginning: Mehefin 8 2020.    

This week we are going to do some work on The Trojan Horse as well as finding out about the Olympics. The Olympics started in Ancient Greece and are named after Mount Olympus - the place where the first games took place. 

There is also a message from Mrs Watkins which can be found on Millbrook Facebook page which talks about worries. It is an anxious time wondering about the way things are going to change and how school will look at the end of the month. Listen to the message and if you have any worries or concerns write them down or draw about them. Remember it is very important to share them with a person you trust.


The work for this week:-

1. Complete the assignments on Mathletics

2. Complete the spelling assignments on Purple Mash

3. Listen to the story of The Legend of the Trojan Horse- draw a story map of the events of the story and then write the story out in your own words.

4. Cosmic Yoga - do the Yoga Adventure set for you.

5. The Olympic Games- watch the film and write the differences and similarities between the Ancient Olympics and the Modern Olympics .


All this information is posted in Google Classroom. 


Hope you all have a lovely week. Hopefully I will be able to contact you all during the week.

As always- take care and stay safe. 🌈👍😀

                                                   Week beginning: 01/06/20


Croeso nol! Welcome back! Hope you all had a lovely half term- outside in the sunshine. smiley


I cannot believe it is June already! Mis Mehefin. I have posted work on Google Classroom for you to look at and complete- carrying on with the theme of Greece but also taking the opportunity to research the space trip that was launched on the weekend and some research work on different planets.

1. Listen to the story of Medusa- answer the questions and complete the language work.

2. Follow the Space Yoga.

3. Watch the films and do some research on a planet/ planets of your choice.

4. Complete the Olympics Multiplication Treasure Hunt.

                                       Enjoy! smiley

Remember Purple Mash and Mathletics too!


Hope you are all keeping well- hopefully we will see each other soon.


                                      Dydd Gwener Mai 22


                        Just to wish you all Happy Half Term Holidays smiley


             Hoping you all keep safe and take care of everyone in your family. heart 

   For a bit of fun over the holidays - why not have a go at drawing some of the characters using the web page below?

  Even Mrs Lloyd was successful at doing Sonic- and that is saying something!!!!


                      It even looks like Sonic!!!! Have a go - click on the link below and you will be lead to the web page to support you. Happy drawing!



          It is important that we help each other, spread kind words and help the people around us to feel loved and special.

        A special task for you to do which is simple but will have such a fabulous impact on the people around you in your house.


            Find some twigs from your garden or when out on a walk. 

               Put them in a cleaned out tin or jar. ( you may decorate this if you like to make it look attractive)

           Cut out some leaf shapes using paper and on them write compliments for all the people in your house.

                Remember to put the name of the person you are writing the compliment for.  

            Hang them on the twigs and encourage your family to look for their leaf.

                Have some spare leaves for others to write compliments too-

            You might find some compliments for you hanging on the tree!       




                                           A lovely way to spread kindness!   

                               Make people who are important to you feel special!     

    Week beginning:  Mai 18 2020


Shw mae pawb!    👋🌈👍😀


I hope you are all keeping well! There seems to be a lot going on this week- it would be the last week of term before the half term holiday. Mrs Watkins has posted on Millbrook Family Facebook Page a message this week. It is all about being kind and there is a picture of staff sharing a heart with you all. It is to let you know we are all thinking about you and missing you.

On Thursday it is Outdoor Learning Day so I have included  an activity you could do outdoors.


Task 1 


As we are looking at Greece there is another Greek Myth to find all about- King Midas and the Golden Touch. Watch the video of the story( find it below) and draw a story map depicting the main points of the story- this is done with pictures and adding key words to the map.

See if you are able to retell the story - if you can video it I'd love to see it! Send it to email or put it on Google Drive. 


Task 2

Watch the video on Grid Coordinates. Using this information draw your own island. Your island needs to have place to live, find food and water and anything else you would like to put on your island. It can be a hot island or a cold island- have mountains, have a beach, cliffs, river perhaps even a volcano. 

If you could put a grid on your map and write the coordinates for the different places on your island. 



Do the Moana Yoga Lesson and see if you can do the different Tropical Island poses. 


Task 4 

Pick 4 different places in your outside area and take a piece of paper and draw what insects you see in that area. Only spend about 20 minutes in each area and see what you can find. Draw a picture/ do some research on one of the insects that you found- Happy Insect Hunting! 


As  always there are tasks on Purple Mash, Mathletics and Google Classroom if you are able to access these. 

Have a lovely week- I think the weather is going to be warm and sunny.  🌞🌞🌞




             Mathletics Certificates for the weeks 03/05/20 - 17/05/20




      Shw mae pawb 👋 hope you are all feeling well and happy this sunny morning. Mae’n  heulog  🌞 ond mae hi’n wyntog 🌬hefyd.

                       Just a message to remind you of the challenge that Mrs Watkins has set for you this week. 
 I am looking forward to seeing your thoughts on the leaf and butterfly- I know they will be colourful and should make the dining hall look Absolutely Fabulous 🦋🍃

    Week beginning: 11/05/20


     Bore Da Pawb ,

Hope you all had a lovely Bank Holiday celebrating VE Day. The sun was shining and we were able to stay in our gardens commemorating the end of the Second World War 75 years ago. 


The work this week has been posted onto Google Classroom. 

1. Using the PowerPoint below make a fact file on Greece. I will put an example of the layout below.

2. Read the story of King Midas and the Donkey Ears. Answer the questions and design a hat King Midas could have use to disguise his ears.

3. There are two Maths problems to complete. 


Also Mrs Watkins has set a challenge for everyone. Look at the Headteacher's Challenge on the website.     


Watch Rev. Becca's assembly.


I hope you all have a great week and enjoy the different activities. 







                   Shwmae Dosbarth Elm,


hope you are all feeling fine and looking forward to this week. I have enjoyed making contact with you during the past week and look forward to hearing about the things you have been doing at home. 

‘This week is a special week as we are celebrating the 75th anniversary of the end of the Second World War. Many people will be decorating their houses with red, white and blue and having small celebrations in their house or garden. 


The activities on Google Classroom are all concerned with VE Day- comprehension exercise, code breaking the morse codes, word search, design a medal for brave people from World War 2 and using information put on Google Classroom write a fact file all about VE Day. 

Activities which you could try : 

Make some bunting to hang up in your room or garden

- Design a teacup to commemorate the Second World War. /   Design a poster to commemorate VE Day. 
- Look at the PowerPoint and write an information sheet on VE Day.


There are activities on Mathletics and Purple Mash to complete too. 

     Hope you all have a lovely week and if you would like to , you can share your posters or pictures of your decorations on Millbrook Family Facebook Page. 🌈😀👍


        01/05/20                       🌈 Bore da 🌈

          Hope you are all keeping well. Dydd Gwener heddiw! 🌈👍😀 

  Pwy sy wedi ennill tystysgrif Mathletics?

                                                                Who has won a Mathletics certificate?



                     Remember you are always able to contact me through e-mail:


Hope you all have a lovely weekend.....let’s hope the sun shines! 🌞


Dydd Llun Ebrill 27

                   Shw mae Dosbarth Elm, hope you are all keeping well and staying safe!


This week I would like you to complete a Lockdown Diary.

This time is very different to anytime we have experienced before in our lives- it would be a great idea to try to record our thoughts and feelings as well as recording all the different things we do, eat and watch. 
you make take ideas from the booklet you see when you press on the link.... but how you present it is up to you.....but please include as much of the information as possible. 😀🌈👍


Another task would be to find an area in your garden or a pick a place you pass on a walk and see if you can find, count and draw as many different insects as you can. You can then research one of them and find out as much as you possibly can about it.


There is maths on the Mathletics site to complete as well as spelling and coding on Purple Mash.

My email is if you would like to send me some work or have any questions about the work or simply would like to contact me to tell me about things you have been doing. 


Enjoy Dosbarth Elm. Take care- Byddwch yn ofalus. Stay Safe! 


Edrychwch 👀 

🌈 Who has earned a certificate ? Da iawn pawb!🌈

Shw  mae Dosbarth Elm!                   20/04/20

Hope you all had a lovely time over Easter and you are ready for action! It was lovely to speak to some of you yesterday and hear your news. Sorry if I missed you- there is an opportunity for you to get a message to me through the Millbrook Family Facebook Page if you have any queries or just want to make contact with me. 


This term in school we would have been studying a country- and the country Elm class were going to virtually disappear to was Greece. There are a few activities here for you to do to explore the country to start off with:-

1. Look up the flag of Greece and see if you are able to draw it. - Can you find out the meaning of the flag too?

2. Part of Greece is made up of many different islands- see if you can make a list of the names of as many different islands as you can.

3. Look at the picture below - it is of a part of Greece. when you look at it how does it make you feel? Collect as many words as you can and write sentences. 




  Remember there is opportunity for you to practice maths skills on Mathletics as well as some tasks on Purple Mash. There will also be some activities on Google Classroom which you access through Google Drive.


Happy researching Dosbarth Elm! Would love to see your efforts so you can put them on Google Drive and share them with me. 


Am y tro- for the time being Hwyl- Bye!!



   03/04/20              Dydd Gwener Hapus Pawb! smiley

Bore da! 

I have looked at Mathletics and there are 6 certificates today for the work completed this week.

2 Silver and 4 Bronze- Ardderchog yes


There is an activity on Google Classroom for you to complete. Look forward to seeing the results!!


Hope you are all keeping well and safe. Enjoy your Easter Eggs!  Mrs Lloyd wink

Bore da pawb! 

Some things for today

  • Draw an outline of an Easter Egg and fill it with pictures of things that make you smile!
  • Watch the video to learn why we have April Fool’s Day

Remember work also on Mathletics and Purple Mash. See who can get a certificate on Mathletics this week!


Here is my Smiley Egg! 
Happy Wednesday🌈😀👍




Week beginning :Mawrth 30


Shw mae Dosbarth Elm    


Sut wyt ti heddiw?   


 I hope you are all keeping well at this time.smiley


I am missing school and not being able to see you all sad.


There are tasks set on Google Drive , Mathletics and Purple Mash - hopefully you are able to access them and I look forward to receiving them. 


This week would have been the last week of term before the Easter Holidays.

Here are a few activities for you to try for fun:

  • Draw a picture depicting your favourite film without using any words. If you could put them into Google Drive and share with me so I could try and see if I can guess the name of the film.
  • Write about your favourite character in the film explaining why you like them so much
  • Design an obstacle race involving moves such as bunny hops, crawling, balancing and catching/throwing. You could show this as a plan and again upload it onto google drive( take a photo of your work)


I do hope you are all looking after each other in your house and keeping safe.

Take care everyone! - Cadwch yn ddiogel pawb! smiley






Rainbows Make YOU Smile

Shw mae  pawb, hope you are all keeping well! 👍

There are some tasks set on Google Classroom for you to complete. Look forward to seeing your answers. 👍

I have sent you all an email from Purple Mash - would love a reply. 😊👍

Any trouble with passwords message on the Millbrook Family Facebook page. We will be able to help you. 


Stay safe- Stay at home- Keep Smiling. 🌈😀

What about making your own rainbow 🌈 picture and put it up in your window?

Dydd Llun Mawrth 23 2020

Bore da Dosbarth Elm,


Hope you are all keeping well and looking forward to doing the work that I have set for you. 😀


I hope you are all able to access Google Drive , Mathletics and Purple Mash. I have used all of these to set some work for you to do. 

I have written you a letter and shared it with you on Google drive in a folder called Elm. I will do this every time I set some work for you. 

There are three tasks set for today so enjoy and please let me know how you get on. 

Take care and remember to stay safe- always share kindness like I know you can 



From Mrs Lloyd 🤗


Dear Parent/ Annwyl Rhieni,

At this time we are unsure how things will unfold with the current situation. 

This platform will be used to ensure you are able to support your children at this time. 

In the event of school closure I have put some ideas for a project that your child might want to complete which links in with the work that we have been doing in class. 


Dosbarth Elm Project Work

Following the studies, we have been doing in class on the local environment, especially the canal-

you have a choice of tasks to complete. This can compromise of pictures, a model, writing to explain or a PowerPoint.

                                                    Be an Inventor!

Task 1 - invent a modern-day barge.

Remember the barge is a long boat which acts as a home for people where there are all the things that they need to survive- place to sleep, place to eat and cook, place to wash and a place to relax.

Such a lot of things to think about! Also remember that today people like to use computers and electronic games for entertainment as well as exercising to keep fit.

Barges were decorated with patterns which were of roses or castles and these can be included or invent your own decorations.

If you do pictures don’t forget to label your drawings to highlight the use of the different parts of the barge.



                                                                             Be an Engineer!

Task 2 – find out about bridges on canals


Bridges are very important to ensure the canal can run through places and people are able to cross them safely. Find out about different types of bridges: -

  1. Arch Bridge
  2. Beam Bridge
  3. Cantilever Bridge


Draw diagrams or make a model or explain how they are made or a mixture of them all to explain how one of these bridges are made and what makes them safe and secure for people to use.






                                             Be a Researcher!

Task 3- research work on Isambard Kingdom Brunel

Find out about Isambard Kingdom Brunel and the work that he did. Concentrate on one structure that he was famous for building and either draw, write, make a model, PowerPoint about it. (You can do all the different activities if you like)

Look on the Canal Trust Website- there are games you can play!


Stay safe - Look after one another. 

As well as this, we have daily Maths and English activities for you to complete. Click on the links below:

Competition Time

Newport City Council Libraries have a competition- winner receives an Art Pack and an author visit for their school.


Why don't you have a go? 

Welcome to Elm Class.

Croeso i Ddosbarth Elm. 

Mrs Lloyd is looking forward to seeing you at Parent's Evening Monday 16th and Tuesday 17th March- sharing all the great work we have been doing. 


Here is a copy of our Spring Term Overview


Spring Term Overview