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Millbrook Primary School

‘Learning about caring; caring about learning’

Our Vision


Mission Statement


We aim to provide a happy, caring and secure environment where all children and adults are valued and respected as individuals and enabled to fulfill their potential. 


We seek to lay the foundations for future stages of education by providing opportunities for all our children to develop the skills, values and attitudes that will equip them to take a full and active part in adult life as good citizens.


"Learning about caring; caring about learning," is our school visionary motto and embodies everything that we believe in at Millbrook. Our school is founded upon the belief that happy children and happy people learn.

We believe that to support the child effectively we must support our families. We also believe that to support families effectively we must support and embrace our community. We see ourselves as a learning community; constantly learning, developing, evolving and changing so that we can maximise our impact. Over the years, the team have researched what we can do to improve the lives of our young people and the community that we serve. Our research has included international visits to the USA to explore how agencies can come together to make a lasting difference. The old adage, “It takes a whole village to raise a child” completely resonates with this. 

We strive to remove any barriers to learning and to do this we work in partnership collaborating with numerous on and off site agencies. To make this work we have three mantras:

1. It’s all about relationships.

2.  Relationships have to be negotiated all of the time to make them effective and sustainable.

3. To make relationships work partners have to have “yes” written in their hearts – in other words have the same shared philosophy and vision and the willingness to work together to make a difference.  


We aim to open windows to the world and promote equity in our community. To this end, we give opportunity to our children and families to share their cultures and to experience life beyond the Bettws estate.  We have an onsite Confucius classroom and teach mandarin. We also work with the USA organisation One World to raise our community’s awareness of The Well-being and Future Generations Act and to facilitate links with schools and communities in other countries. Opportunities like these help to promote aspiration and self-belief.  

Millbrook is a learning organisation. Our vision is for every person who is a part of our learning organisation, to be a successful learner. Children, staff, parents, governors and the wider community are all key participants in The Millbrook Learning Organisation.